Horse Drawn Equipment

  Another page has turned. Since Pioneer Equipment has closed their Ag divison we have been on the outlook for new suppliers of horse drawn equipment. We have been looking for #1 quality, safe and reasonably priced. Well our freinds up north (Alberta Carriage Supply) has come up with a great forecart and stone boat.  Watch in the near future for more quality, safe  and reasonably priced equipment.  

  If there is something you are searching for and do not see on our site, please feel free to call (740) 892-3045 or e-mail us at [email protected] and we will try to help with anything we can.  Remember that most of the heavy equipment is shipped by truck freight and you will need to call or e-mail to check on a shipping charge.


10/19/22 We just got word from Pioneer Equipment that they will suspend their Ag divison as of 10/28/22. Please check with us about other options for you forecarts, plows, harrows and other ag equipment. 


Tongues - Poles , tongue cap, hammer strap, safety latch

Wood Tongues are very hard for us to get at this time. Please e-mail or call  for more information.