Steel or Wood Neck Yoke



Wooden Neck Yokes:We have two types of wooden neck yokes:  #1 (my choice for safety reasons) is the bolt on style.  It bolts directly onto your wagon or mower tongue, so no chance of slipping off.  The #2 type is the ring style.  It slips over the end of the tongue.  Easy to change from one tongue to another.  Made from top quality Ash wood and put together by professional Amish craftsmen in Ohio.  You should match the neck yoke size with the size of your double tree.

Safety Latch is a must if you use the ring style neck yoke. It is good insurance that could help  prevent that one time that the neck yoke slipped off. See photo below !

Ring Style- The center ring for draft size is 4" Haflinger is 3"


28"  Mini horse size 
32"  Pony
34"  Pony
36"  Haflinger - Quarter Horse / Cross Breed
38"   Small Draft /  Large Quarter Horse
40"  Draft
42"  Draft
44"  Draft
48"  Draft

Wood neckyokes and wood single trees stocked in plain wood.    Painted Red is a special order. 

Steel neckyokes and single trees are Black. 

Custom sizes can be ordered. Please call for pricing.



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