Bits - Riding and Driving

 Driving and Riding
Butterfly, Elbow, Buxton, Liverpool, Kimberwick, Tom thumb, Full check, Low ports, and many other bits.

A few things  to consider when choosing your bit:

*Stainless steel is popular because of it's clean looks. Stainless will not rust so it is used commonly in high humidity areas.

*The thicker the mouthpiece, the milder the bit.  This is due to the bit pressure being spread over a larger area. The thinner the bit, the more severe.

*Low and medium port mouths are relatively mild. The curvature of the port allows for tongue relief. With the rotation of the bit, the mouthpiece does NOT apply palate pressure.  Both mouthpieces will, however, apply pressure to the bars of the horses mouth. As the mouthpiece diameter becomes smaller, the pressure increases in severity.