Steel or Wood Evener / Double tree - 2 Horse, 3Horse and 4 Horse




2 HORSE STEEL or  WOODEN EVENER'S (Double Tree) for Mini, Pony, Haflinger, Draft:   

Made from top quality Ash or Hickory and Steel.  These eveners are made by some of the best Amish craftsmen in Ohio.  The 2" x 5" (Haflinger and Draft size) evener bar is made of Ash; and single trees are made of Hickory. The Steel evener is the same style as the picture of the wood evener.
Sizes available:
Mini                28" x 18"   single trees
Pony              34" x 34"         " 
Haflinger         36" x 26"         "
Haflinger         38" x 26"         "
Small Draft      40" x 28"         "
Reg. Draft       42" x 30"         "
Large Draft     44" x 32"         "
XL Draft          48" x 34"         "
XXL Draft        50" x 36"         "

2 Horse Wooden Lead Evener (Double Tree)
Used for the lead team in a 4, 6 or 8 horse hitch.  Made the same as the above evener, with a loop on the back to go over the goose neck on your wagon tongue.  With snaps to connect to your tug chains for safety. 

3 & 4 horse eveners.

The  #385 steel and #386 wood are used on the wagon tongue. 

The # 390 steel 3 horse evener and #395 4 steel horse evener are used to hook to equipment with out a tongue. So it will work for the following: Plow, Disk, Harrow ect.  You can use these eveners with you wagon with a tongue if you order the #375 Tongue offset for 3 horse with no side draft. 

All prices are FOB Utica Oh.  

Prices can change without notice. Due to the unstable steel pricing. 
We can also make your custom size.  Call for pricing.