Tongues - Poles , tongue cap, hammer strap, safety latch

All tongues are Ash hardwood; tapered, planed and chamfered.
Pony Wood Tongue (3" x 3" x 132")
#Wagon tongue 13' x 4"" x 4" blank and unpainted
Mower tongue 14' x 4.5" x 4" blank and unpainted
Wood draft cart tongue  13' x 3.5" x x3.5" fitted and painted white. No hardware  (not shown)
Wood sulky plow tongue  with neck yoke and painted white. 12' x 3.5" x 3.5"
6 ton wagon tongue 13' fitted and painted white. with hardware.
1 ton wagon tongue fitted and painted white with hardware. 102" from the double tree (attachment (hammer strap) to neck yoke attachment area
6 ton steel combination wagon tongue. You can disconnect the front part of the tongue and the back part will hitch to your truck or tractor. 

All tongues are shipped truck freight. If you order a tongue and other items at the same time the shipping cost is not correct on the web order. We will e-mail you with a price. 
See below at bottom of the page new safety latch for ring style neck yokes attached to the tongue.

SAFETY LATCH: (Picture show below).
Hitch safer with the safety latch.  This latch provides a safety feature that will relieve your mind from that ring style neck yoke coming off the end of the tongue.  The safety latch attaches to your tongue cap.

Fast and easy to attach to your tongue end cap. No drilling. Just a pin with a safety clip on it.

We are having problems getting tongues at this time. Please give us a call or e-mail for information.