Hame Straps


Hame Straps:
We special order a heavy bio that we make our Hame straps out of.   Bio Hame straps do not mold, mildew or rot.  All Stainless steel  hardware (will not rust). 
Made with the twin loop, roller buckle and sewn together with heavy nylon thread. 

1" wide by 24" long.  Draft size
        3/4" wide by 21" long. Buggy size and also use on the goose neck on a wagon tongue.

We sew our nylon Hame straps with heavy nylon thread. We use the twin loop and roller buckles.  NO RIVETS

Size  1" wide by 24" long.

Picture above.
A :
New Anti slip hame strap. This new hook clips in the hame loop and dose not slip when you are tightening the hame strap. Use on bottom hame strap.  Options: Dull or Shiny Bio

B & E : 3/4" wide Buggy hames strap.     Options: Dull or Shiny

C & F : 1" wide bio hame straps.     Options: Dull or Shiny
D :  1" nylon hame strap. 

Not shown: Leather hame strap; 1" wide x 24" long. SS roller buckle.