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The BF Deluxe grazing muzzle is our most popular design, and comes with a all in one muzzle/halter. Durable construction. Reinforced rubber bottom and straps.  Breakaway feature for safety. Extra plastic buckle included. Good fit and minimal rubbing provided by six fully adjustable sizes. GUARANTEED: All Best Friend® muzzles sold on our site are guaranteed unconditionally for 30 Days. If you have any problems, please contact us.

SIZES: Cob, Horse, Large Horse and Draft

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Muzzle Size Deluxe & Have-A-Heart* (circumference x depth)

Cob /Large ponies, small horses such as Morgans, horses with small faces such as Arabians. 500-800 lbs, 13-14hands. 24" x 7"

Horse / Average size horses such as Quarter horses. 800 to 1100 lbs, 15-16 hands.   26" x 7-1/2"

Large Horse (Oversize) / Warmbloods and large-faced horses, 1100 to 1600 lbs, 17 hands and over.    28" x 8"

Draft / Very large breeds such as Percherons, Belgians, etc.   30" x 8"

NEW    BF06L - Draft size.     Limted supply !

Best Friend Padded Crown Grazing Muzzle. The newest addition to the Best Friend line of Muzzles for restricting a horses diet. Now with horse breathing space.

Made with a Double crown buckle with padded Leather crown. To use, adjust The Best Friend Grazing Muzzle to the horse using the same principles as the fit of a comfortable halter. Leave approximately one inch between the horse's mouth and the bottom of the muzzle. The Deluxe muzzle has a roomy fit to allow for chewing. You should be able to fit two to three fingers sideways between your horse's face and the muzzle.

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