Singletree Wood & Steel

SKU: 220/320E

Our wood singletrees are made from select hardwoods, handcrafted and finished to perfection.  The wood is dipped in Linseed oil with the hardware painted black. These wood single trees look great in any application. Use for single horses pulling wagon, plow, brush and other jobs around the farm. 

Our steel singletrees are designed to take the abuse of heavy farm loads. Painted black.   ( not to be used for pulling competition or extra heaving logging). 

Pulling and logging singletrees are extra heavy duty. Built for commerical looging and pulling competitions.  

As a general rule you should go up a size from what you are using on a wagon to what you will need when logging.
        Example 28" on a wagon you would want a 30" to log with.

Steel single tree shown below. Click image to enlarge photo.

Wood Singletrees are not painted. Please select if you want a Wood Singletree in Red.


18”  Miniature Horses

22” or 24” Pony sizes

26” or 28” Mules, Haflinger, Saddle horses

30” Draft cross

   32” or 34" Draft

      36” XL Draft over 2200 lbs