Neoprene Neck Sweat


Our neck sweats are designed to sweat the neck area, giving it a more elegant appearance. Made from the finest quality materials available. 1/8" nylon covered neoprene.  A neck sweat made to fit most drafts. Secured with a 10" hook and loop closures sewn in at the overlapping seam.

Covers throat, neck and to shoulder.

Option with ear cutout or just full neck sweat. 

Colors:   Black

NEW !   Neoprene Neck Sweat with UBL:

Same as above neck sweat, But the velcro fastens to anywhere on the outside of the neck sweat (UBL).   This style in avaiable in the Draft size Jowl sweat 5" wide by 36" long,  10" x 36", Full size neck sweat and full neck sweat with ear cutout. 

This makes it much easier to get it tight on your horse. 

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