Davis Horse Boot (Medicating)

The Davis Co is out of business. We are looking for a new supplier. 


The DAVIS Horse Boot, also known as the medicine or poultice boot is proud to be the ORIGINAL Horse Boot to the industry. If your horse needs some TLC, the ORIGINAL Horse Boot is the only boot to use for a variety of applications where treatment or protection is needed. DAVIS Horse Boots can be used for soaking, poulticing and conditioning. Keep the hoof clean and dry or use the Horse Boot for direct application of medicine to treat abscesses, thrush, puncture wounds and other foot conditions. Using this boot will also relieve pressure when signs of bruising, corns or cankers appear. This boot ensures extreme durability due to the triple-layered non-slip bottom, made of a tough polyvinyl compound and is durable enough even for use on a shod horse. WHEN SIZING, PLEASE MEASURE HEEL TO TOE AND SIDE TO SIDE AT THE WIDEST AREA OF THE HOOF AND PURCHASE A BOOT AT LEAST 1/2" WIDER THAN HOOF SIZE TO ALLOW ROOM FOR MEDICATING AND BANDAGES.

Boot for Soaking and Medicating: 
The Davis horse boot is ideal for continuous soaking when conditions such as abscesses, thrush, puncture wounds and other aggravated foot conditions exist. The boots also relieves pressure when signs of bruises, corns,or cankers appear. 
The soft pliable upper comforts the leg during use and closes tightly just below the fetlock. The boot opens wide for easy on-off application. The durable triple-layered bottom is made of a tough polyvinyl compound making it reusable many times over. 
Available in two-tone Blue and gray only.  We try to keep size 5 and 6 in stock.  All other sizes are special order and are non-returnable.

The Davis Therapeutic Pad fits into the Davis Horse Boot. The pad, being made of a new fiber matrix technology wicks the ingredients to the affected area of the hoof when saturated. This technique is safe and more affective when treating hoof conditions as it promotes a much longer contact time without harming hoof issues.

When cured, SBC Crack Filler becomes part of the hoof wall so that it can be rasped and trimmed like a natural horn.   Approximately 3 to 4 repairs per kit.  1oz Tube, Mesh

The secret is the addition of a new pad that fits into the Davis Horse Boot with new fiber matrix technology.


When saturated the pad wicks the ingredients to the affected area of the hoof without spilling or running. According to Ray Tricca of SBS, the technique is safer and more effective than most other treatments because it promotes a much longer contact time with the hoof without harming hoof tissue.



Item No. Color Size
002 Two-tone Blue/Gray combination only. Size 00 (Mini Horses and Foals) to Size 6 (Draft Horses) To determine correct size, please refer to the sizing chart below.
Inside Dimensions
Size Wide Long
00 3 3/4" 4 1/4"
0 4 1/2" 5"
1 5 1/4" 5 5/8"
2 5 5/8" 6 1/8"
3 6 1/4" 7"
4 7 1/4" 7 3/4"
5 8" 8 1/2"
6 9 1/2" 9 1/2"