Christmas Bells on Bio Strap

Great gift idea! Our Bio-strap bells are made here in Ohio by our Amish craftsman.

#652 Rump bells. These attach on top of the hip of the horse on the harness.

6 CB or SB Bell

 B or C - These bells can be used for line spreaders or just hang them on your harness for an excellent sound. 1 1/8" by 16" Bio strap.
B- #656- 6 Artic Bells  NP or BP Bells
C-  choose from #654- 6 Solid Brass or #655- 6 Chrome Brass bells

D- Door Knocker #658 with 6 Arctic NP or BP bells with 3" ring 5 

E- Door Knocker #657 with 3 SB or CB Bells with 3" ring

CB = Chromed Brass
SB = Solid Brass
NP = Nickle Plated
BP = Brass Plated

Bio Strap shiny