Bio-Strand Bells

SKU: 640

Our Bio-strand bells are great for the winter to set the mood for the holiday season, whether you are going for a wagon or sleigh ride, or just hanging them in the house for the holidays.  Each strand of bells comes standard 96" long with buckles, in your choice of black, red or royal blue (red & blue are shown).  Our standard draft size is a 96" bip strap and comes with 30 nickel plated (shown - 96" long not 93") or brass plated bells (add $10.00 )  We do also have 72" with 24 bells and 72" with 20 bells  (The bells look brass in the photo but they are NOT brass.)

Please feel free to call 740-892-3045 or e-mail us at [email protected] for prices on custom Bio-strand bells.