Treeless Endurance Saddle

$299.95 $279.95


Just a ride around the farm. WOW a Treeless Endurance Saddle and it is light weight (aprox 7#) is very well made. It has 2 rings at the front, 2 on the side and 1 at the back. These rings can be used to attach (rain gear, water bottle, first aid kit or just a lead rope. ) This saddle is designed for long distance endurance, trail riding and is very comfortable. The seat is wide padded, synthetic and micro suede. Includes: Leathers, stirrups and a nylon fleece lined english style girth.

Seat sizes: Medium - Equivalent to English 16 -17 Only : Black and Black with blue

Large - Equivalent English 18 - 19 -  All colors

New colors:    Black with Red and Black with Pink.