Summit Forecart

We are excited for the New Summit Forecart. These carts were tested by farmers in adverse conditions, pulling heavy manure spreaders over frozen ground. Feedback was given by valuable farmes for the final improvements of this new design.

Features & Specifications: Spacious platform-longer and wider than traditional forecart Raised tongue allows more clearance for horses' leg. Steel tongue with built in safety to secure ring neckyoke Tongue weight at neckyoke is equal to wood tongue on original forecart Low hitch for accurate line-of-draft on shafts Easily switch shafts and tongue by removing a single pin. 3 horse adapter eliminates all side-draft when driving multiple hitches.

Poly Bench Seat: The perfect choice for a pleasure drive with added safety. I do recommend the fenders with the bench seat. This adds extra safety so your (or that grandson or granddaughter)  feet do not rub the wheels.  The cushions are additional comfort. Overall width: Draft size is 44" and the Horse/Haflinger is 40". the new added padded arem rest are a must.  We also have a canvas cover to help keep it clean when storing.


Cup holder and Whip socket (SS): This allows you to take your drink to the field with you. The tapered design on the whip socket will fit most all whips.

Tool Box: If you need that little extra space to put a few tools, gloves or extra parts this is it. Made of cast aluminum so it will never rust. Easily mounts on the guard or seat post. 

Brakes: Mechanical are band type with replaceable linings and are foot pedal operated with a parking lock. Hydraulic brakes are 10" trailer type and are foot pedal operated. All brakes are factory installed , tested and adjusted. 

Tongues for teams: Heavy duty steel tongues provide reliability in all applications. We do not use wood tongues on the summit forecart. Length from hitch pin to neckyoke on the Draft size is 121" and the Haflinger/Horse is 102". Both tongue are setup with the safety cap for the ring style neckyoke. Very easy to change from tongue to shafts. Just 1 pin to change.

Shafts for single horse driving: Again it is so easy to change from the tongue to shafts by 1 pin. The measurements for the length from the single tree to the front of the shaft pipe. Draft = 87" and Haflinger/Horse = 76" The distance between pipes at the narrowest piont on the draft is 27" and the Haflinger/Horse is 23"

LED Lights:  Safety is number 1. This kit includes 2 amber flashing LED lights with battery and SMV emblem. Easy to install on any forecart with a bench seat. 

Cargo Tray: Need that little extra room to carry your fire wood, fence supplies or even your cooler. Inside dimensions are 17" wide x 29" long x 8.5" tall. You will need to add the Reese Hitch receiver #8240, for easy mounting and taking off the cargo tray. 

Suspension: The all new spring torsion axle is a strong steel spring that provides a ultra smooth ride. This would be used for lighter farm work as it has a max drawbar weight of 1000 LBS. The rubber torsion axle is made for the heavy farm work with the rubber suspension reduces the shock on equipment and operator. The max drawbar weight is 2500 LBS. Carts ordered with torsion axle are only available with hydraulic brakes or no brakes.

Standard Cart: 1-3/4 spindle, auto 5 bolt hub and 1" nut Recommended for farm applications Overall width (outside of tires)64"

Heavy Duty Cart: 2" spindle, 6 bolt hub and 1" nut Recommended for heavy farm applications Overall width (outside of tires)64"

23 HP PTO / HYD Unit: Easily mounts on any Pioneer Draft Forecart, This unit is perfect for smaller applications or second pto cart. The compact 23 HP Engine has enough power to run a 7' haybine or a small baler.

23 HP Vanguard Gas engine, Battery start, 3 GPM Hydraulic pump, Single valve - dual outlet hydraulics, 3 groove pully and belt w/idler pulley

Replacement cushions for bench seat. Black vinyl !

Prices subjust to change anytime due to steel prices.

Prices above are cash or check payment.  Add 4% if using credit card or paypal !


Choose options in the pull down box.  Feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions. Gary's cell phone is 740-670-4273 or the office phone is 740-892-3045