Pioneer Homesteader

Check out the complete packge BEST BUY:   Homesteader, KV Plow, Culitivator, rolling sheilds, disc, harrow, potato plow and hiller.  

HOMESTEADER:  The one implement to do it all.

Redesigned, the homesteader is the ultimate tool to help you raise your own food on limited acres. Two light or medium sizes horses can make  short work of planting, prepartions and harvesting. 

Plowing, Harrowing, Discing, Planting, Cultivating and Harvesting.


*Excellent line-of-draft and evener alignment to equalize pull on horses

*Variety of attachments to use with one implement

*Seat & tongue are adjustable for different size horses and teamsters

*Two-way spring assist on engagement lever for easier operation

*Additional ground clearance prevents attachments from disturbing your lawn

*Foot pedals flip up, allowing you to back over the attachments

*lockable foot pedal steering for precise visibility

*Toolbar in front of axle for better visibility

* Two pin toolbar allows easy change of attachments without tools

* Bronze bushings with greese fitting on wheel hubs
12" RH Kverneland plow and  coulter and sheild.  A spring helps to keep the plow in the ground when plowing sod. A rear furrow wheel prevents the plow from dragging when you're not plowing. 
Cultivator - one row
Harrow - This attachment floats freely for better perfromance.
Potato Plow

Adjustable tread width = 40" to 48"
40" Diameter Wheels
Adjustable tongue length for Draft to regular horse size
35" double tree by 28" singletrees
35" Neck Yoke

We have Replacement parts available, call for prices

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