Itchin' Post


All animals itch, and if you aren't providing a safe surface for them to scratch and rub against, they'll find something themselves. Fence posts, Metal corners, exposed bolts, even Rusty nails. Before one of your animals accidently harms themselves or damages your property, find out how easy it is to protect them.

Create your own Itchin' Post

In use by zoos, farms, and stables around the world, Itchin' Post pads are the new standard in care for all animals in captivity. Simply attach the pads to any surface that your animals commonly rub against or create a dedicated scratching area where they can relieve the itch. The deep, textured surface provide a long-lasting, safe, and satisfying way for animals to scratch.

Attaches to any surface

Itchin' Post pads are conveniently sized to cover small or large areas, wrap around corners, or cover extruding objects. Each 23x14" pad is flexible enough to wrap around posts and sturdy enough to withstand even the largest animals. They can be attached easily with screws and washers or tied against feeders, fences and other non-flat surfaces.

New Colors PINK or PURPLE or BROWN

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