Line spreaders / Line Holders / Tandem Ring

Tandem ring, single ring, 2 rings & 3 rings for Bridles or Hames.

Important reasons why you should use Line Ring Holders when driving multiple hitches
1.  Safety
2.  Helps in keeping horses from getting their heads over the lines
3.  Helps to keep lines from getting tangled up
4.  When doing parades the Hame line holders help to keep the lines from getting caught on    something, due to all the starting and stopping you do when in a parade or show.

Line holder for Multiple hitches, Bridle and Hames.  We make line holders (bio straps) for single, 4, 6, 8 or as many as you need.

A.   Tandem ring  ($2.95) used on the wheel team and is placed on the side of the bridle just below or above  the bridle rosette to hold the line coming back from the lead horse.  They are also used on the swing team to hold up the lead lines of a 6 horse hitch.  This will help in keeping the line from getting caught in something.
B.  2 Ring Bridle Line Holder ($12.95) with tandem ring for the inside of the bridles on wheel team.  This holds the lead 4 & lead 6 lines up at the wheel team.

Show Hame Line Holders are used the same as the bridle line holders.  To use unscrew the Hame top and slide the loop of the line holder over the top of the Hame and put back on the Hame top.  The buckle end of the line holder then buckles to the line ring on the Hame.  These are great to help keep all those lines from getting hooked on something or tangled when doing parades or shows.

C.  Show Hame Single Line Ring Holder ($8.95)
D.  Show Hame 2 Ring Line Holder ($10.95)
E.  Show Hame 3 Ring Line Holder ($12.95)

F.   Bridle 2 Ring Line Holder ($12.95)
G.  Bridle Single Ring Line Holder ($9.95)
H.  Bridle 3 Ring Line Holder ($14.95) Not Shown