Face Ornaments Stainless Steel

SS - Stainless Steel

These are all priced per piece.

Horse Head Ornaments  stock # 376-33
SS     7/8"   3-3/4" Over all Length

Brass:  7/8"  3 3/4" over all length

Small Horse Head Ornaments  stock # 376-34
with split rivets

ss  1-5/8"    1-7/8" Over all length

Horse Head Ornaments   stock #376-35

SS  5/8"  2-1/4" Over all length

Pear Face Plate  stock #376-36
ss 3/4 "  3-1/4" Over all length

Mule Face Plate  stock # 376-38
SS  1-1/4"  3-5/8"  Over all length

The above are used on the face piece on the bridle between the eyes of the horse, on the choke strap in front of the horse or make a excellent piece for a key chain.


These Ornaments are all available in Stainless steel.  Large Horse Head with Loop can be Brass or Stainless steel.