Supreme Bio (Long Back Pad) Show Harness



Supreme Bio Show Harness:The Supreme Bio Show Harness is the top of the line in Bio Harness.  This all new design is a winner in the show ring or parade. We have made this harness finer and less bulky so that it shows off the horse more.  We use top quality Bio and all Stainless Steel hardware. Whether you need a single cart harness, a full 8 up or a 10 horse pyramid, we can customize it to your needs.  You have a choice of ornaments, bits and Hame size.  The all new hook on the front end of the tug with a spring loaded trigger that makes it much more safe. Housings are standard and the large draft size will fit 25" to 30" (deep Hame grove collars). We recommend the #725 show collar that we try to keep in stock at all times.  The small draft size fits 22" to 25" collars and the Halfinger size fits 18" to 23"collars. All harness comes standard with Beta lines 3/4" wide in black.  You can special order with 1" wide. You can special order brown color in 3/4" or 1" wide. 

Harness Shown Above is supreme long back pad style.
Below is the same harness only with short back pad.

Single harness standard with Bridle (choice of bit), Hames (choice of size), choice of ornaments, face pieces, cart strap for shafts, Single Beta lines everything needed but the collar (we recommend the #725 show collar). 

Team harness (wheel set , horses closest to the wagon)  same as the single harness, with another harness and  team lines added.  When you order the team harness you receive everything to hook up a team or 1 single horse. Beta lines are standard, 1 team set and 1 single set (black and 3/4" wide). The wheel harness has a 3 strap breeching to help in slowing or stopping the wagon.  The breeching is removable and interchangeable with the lead  breechings.

Lead or Swing Team:  The difference in this harness compared to the team harness is there are no breeching, just a single strap on each side of the horse to help hold up the traces. You have your choice of ornaments,  chain and bits(collars are not included). The lead and swing harness are used to help pull the wagon and not help slow or stop the wagon (because of the single straps on the hip area that helps hold the traces up). 

Extra lead spiders for the lead harness:
The lead spiders will interchange with our team (wheel) to make it a lead or swing harness.

Helpful hints when ordering:
The short back pad set is more for the younger or smaller of the draft breeds. The longer back pad takes a full size draft to make it really look nice because of the length of the back pad its self.
Full 4 up set, you get a wheel team and a lead set. Complete with 1 set single, team and lead 4 lines. 
Full 6 up set, you get a wheel team set, swing team set and lead set, along with 1 set single , team lead 4 and lead 6 lines. 
If you would need to hitch 2 teams at the same time, it is best to order 2 wheel sets and 2 extra lead spiders.  This will give you everything to hitch 2 singles, 2 teams or a full 4 up.

If you need help in ordering or any questions please feel free to call us @ 740-892-3045 or Gary' s cell 740-670-4273

When ordering a harness, please print the harness measurement sheet provided in the lower left hand corner of this page.  Fill in the requested information and send us the measurement sheet one of three ways:
Scan the sheet to an email and send it to:
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fax the sheet to 740-892-4934 or 
call us with the measurements 740-892-3045.  
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