Surcingle / Bitting Harness

This surcingle has a soft lining inside. Made of the tough Bio with a shiny finish.  All Stainless steel hardware and is complete with a snap on crupper and fork.
Made for all kinds of Training. With many different rings around the surcingle.
Can also be used as a biting harness.
2 different sizes and we can also custom make any size you need.
Girth size on the #499 is 45" to 75"
Girth size on the #500 is 65" to 105"

New pony size. #499-2 is 30" to 44"

** Extra padded working surcingle and padded working bridle w/ caveson and overcheck strap.  No bits

To complete the outfit be sure and order the training bridle (no blinds) , cavason and bitting reins with elastic. This would be used to help build the muscles in the horses neck for the great head set.

If you order the bio leg strap and the 20' soft rope it can be used for a running w. Teach that horse or mule what the word WOO means. 

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