Line heart with Letter

Line hearts go between the horses in a team.  The lines are strung through where they cross, this will help keep the lines straight while driving.  

Sample A is an all plastic heart that comes in red only with a white heart in the center.  This is 3 1/2". SOLD OUT !!

Sample B heart above is made out of the shiny bio with a SS letter or ornament of your choice. The 3 1/2" heart has a 1 1/2" SS letter or ornament and the 5" heart has a 2 1/2" SS letter or ornament. Both hearts have a 2" SS ring to run the line through.

Choose letter or ornament from the pull down above.  Line hearts with lettering are also available in our new red color. 

Prices are $17.95 (sale $14.95) for the 5" and $14.95 ( sale $12.95) for the 3 1/2"  Choose from the pull downs above. 

Your choice of ornaments are shields, hearts, diamonds, thistles or rosettes.  You can view samples by clicking HERE

Sample C heart with round spotting that is shown above, is also made out of shiny bio and is available in both red or black as shown.  These can also be ordered from the pull downs above.