Farm Hames

Farm Hames:

The # 520 farm hame has been designed to fit best on an average collar for everyday use, with a good fitted collar. This hame dose not shift up and down on the collar as much. You can use one size hame on two or three different size collars before you have to get a different size hame. 
All our hames are measured from the top notch of the ratchet to the bottom of the hame to state the size of the hame. Our Hames are made every 2 inches on even numbers as follows: 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", larger sizes on special order. 

All Black hames are bolt type, tubular steel that is powder coated black finished. 

The Stainless Steel hames are bolt type, all stainless steel tubular with a polished finish.

Hame straps are not included with the hames. We have a new bottom anti slip hame strap. Be sure and see the hame strap page for more information.

Please be sure and order your hames 1 to 2 inches larger than your collar size. Hames only come in even sizes. 
Examples:  A 22" or a 23" collar will take a 24" hame. A  24" or a 25" collar will take a 26" hame.

Hame straps:  Top hame strap is 1" wide and 24" long.  You will need 1 top strap per pair( 1 Horse) of hames.

                         Bottom hame strap has a hook on it to hook into the bottom hame loop. This keeps the strap from sliding when you are tighting the hames together.  Size 1" wide 24" long. You will need 1bottom strap  per pair (1 horse) of hames. 

Made in the USA