Leather Draft Horse Halter

$89.95 $79.95

Leather draft halter:  Fits Large Draft


 This Halter is hand crafted by some of the best Amish crafts people in Ohio.  We use top grade leather. This halters has an adjustable chin and a handy throat snap for easy on and off.  Comes in Black or Brown leather.  1 1/4" wide has Brass plated hardware and the 1" wide has Stainless steel hardware. The 1 1/4" Halter is made by Weaver Leather and the 1" is made by a Amish family here in Ohio.

 Draft size only. 1700 to 2100 lbs.

 Shown above is the Brown 1 1/4" wide in brass hardware only. The brown will vary in color due to the oil.