Halters Beta #550 thru 563

SKU: 550 thru 563

The new improved Hi Class Halters are made with semi-gloss beta (looks Like Leather)  with Stainless steel hardware and doubled and stitched. 

The ultimate halter to fit your horses head with comfort.  This halter does not seem to rub the hair like nylon halters do.  Made with semi-gloss (dull) Beta material, which feels and looks like leather.  It is stronger than leather and does not mold, mildew or rot.  We use all stainless steel hardware. 
All halters are made with a narrow throat latch.  Halter shown in picture has a adjustable chin style.  You can order the halters with the chin adjustment (add $2.00 to price) or no adjustable chin.  Can be ordered in Black, White, Brown and special colors can be requested.   Black Beta Shown Above.  Sample of the brown is shown below, just click on thumb nail to enlarge photo. Custom orders available but are non returnable.