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32 oz. spray bottle

Sustained Action Whitener, Natural Color Restorer, and Green Spot Remover

Whitens & Brightens!

• Not a Bleach
• Not a Dye
• Naturally Safe
• Clean & Fresh Smelling
• Easy to Use
• No Purple Mess!
• Sustained Enzyme Action
• White On!

WOW! Sustained Action Whitener, Natural Color Restorer & Green Spot Remover is a unique product for removing grass and manure stains, for turning yellowed tails, manes and feathers white and for restoring the natural color of light-colored manes and tails (Palominos, Paints, etc.). WOW! is NOT a bleach, a dye, or a stripping agent, nor a messy purple or bluing shampoo or coloring. Its natural brightening is due to proteolytic action and non-ionic bond separation, breaking the bond between hair and the protein of dirt, grime, urine, feces, dust, etc. that discolors hair, manes, tails, and equine feathers. WOW! is an easy to apply, natural, and biodegradable product. Simply spray it on and either rinse it out or leave it in for sustained action. WOW!