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Great Anti-Fungal treatment for your horses! Cleans tack and brushes too!

• For Rain Rot, Ringworm, Sweet Itch & Rain Scald
• Anti-Fungal
• Anti-Microbial
• Economical Concentrate
• Makes Up to 16 Gallons!


Anti-microbial and anti-fungal concentrate. An external, active quaternary germicide used for ringworm, rain scald, rain rot, sweet itch, girth itch and other horse skin conditions. 

Contains benz athonium chloride, buffering agents, stabilizing and solubizing agents, water and tea tree oil.

Directions: Mix 2 oz concentrate with 2 gallons clean, warm water. Do not shampoo or bathe with other product prior to wash. Thoroughly wet horse with solution saturating entire body or affected areas to be treated. Remove excess with scraper or sponge. Do not rinse. Repeat daily for 3-5 days to treat most cases. Can be used over a longer period for stubborn cases. Avoid contact with full strength solution. For use on horses only.