M-T-G and Magic Sheen Hair Polish , Hi Shine Shampoo

A.  M-T-G provides quick relief for skin problems after just a single application and visible hair growth in 5 days or less!!  When applied once a week on mane & tail, many users report growth of up to 3 inches a month.  Recommended by veterinarians, trainers, farriers and friends worldwide.  M-T-G is the single solutions for Fungus * Rain Rot * Girth Itch * Scratches * Sweet Itch * Tail Rubbing * Dry Skin * Bug Bites * Mane & Tail Growth as well as mane & tail conditioning. 
32 fl oz bottle - 

B.  Magic Sheen Hair polish * Produces exceptional shine * Reduces grooming time * Removes tangles from the mane and tail as well as repels dust and dirt.  Magic sheen's special blend can be used on wet or dry hair to help create a sleek body coat. 
32 fl oz bottle - 

 Hi Shine Shampoo: It is a outstanding shampoo that gently, yet thoroughly, cleans manes, tails and the coat.  Hi shine lathers into a rich foam that rinses out sweat and stains from there coat and skin. It is formulated for sale and effective removal of sharpley's original M-T-G
32 fl oz bottle:    

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