Electro Horse Groom

Electro Groom, Horse vac

If you want your horse to look like a professional groomed it,  you will need an Electro Groom.

  • This unit is 28" high, 2" x 8" wheels. Tough baked enamel finish on 18 gauge steel.
  • Two motor turbines, Lamb Mfr., 120 volt, 575 watts each 14.85 Amps, 150" of water lift. Motors can be run separately for sensitive areas.
  • Quickly removable filter bag catches overflow dust & debris, preventing foreign matter from entering the unit, thus protecting motors.
  • Excellent grooming power for removing dirt, loose hair, and parasites, leaving the natural oils in the coat for a beautiful, shiny look.
  • This unit can also be used as a powerful blower.
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Electro Groom can be special ordered in 220 volt.

      The Electro Groom units includes a 10' x 1 1/2" (internal diameter) hose with chrome elbow, Serrated Jet Vac Nozzle, Vinyl Spaghetti Brush, Blower Tip and Curry Comb.

Please call or e-mail for a shipping quote and current price for the Electro Groom !

Pricing are changing without notice.  Call for current price.