Fly Leg Guard


Stop the stomp! Reduces stress and frustration caused by bothersome insects and burrs. Soft yet very durable construction. These contoured wraps use infinitely adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners to securely and comfortably fit different conformations and eliminate chafing. Set of two.

Our Draft Size durable mesh leg wraps eliminate sun sensitivity and prevent flies from biting the lower leg, pastern, and coronet areas on your horse's legs.

With Precise seam and dart placement, the contoured fit inhibits sagging and shifting.

A padded back rim and pastern pad provides extra comfort.

The soft vinyl trim eliminates burr and grass seed collection often experienced with other leg wraps.

Hook and loop closures provide an adjustable fit to adapt to your horse's individual conformation.

Soft grey mesh with grey fabric trim.

Helps with healing and comfort as the mesh allows for air flow.

Sold in Sets of 2.  Enough for 2 legs.