Cotton Sheets 1700S

SKU: 1700S

 Hand cut and stitched in the USA.
This light weight cotton sheet has special Draft Horse features: Great for shows to help keep your horse clean.
Made of top quality materials.
Reinforced at all stress points.
2 heavy duty dee rings and snaps for adjustment on chest. 
Elastic leg straps and nylon belly bands. Contoured design to fit today's horses.

All sheets come standard with white trim. Black trim can be special ordered (10 days to 2 weeks)

We have a couple 100" Maroon with Black trim cotton sheets on sale.  These were ordered and then not picked up. So you get hte savings. 

How to measure your horse for the correct size sheet or blanket:
Using a tape measure, or string, measure along the side of the horse from the middle of their chest to the middle of the tail. You may want to add an inch or 2 for comfort. Our blankets do have the 2 dee ring and snap adjustment on the chest.

Royal Blue
Forest Green

Trim color:
White (standard)
Black ( special order) up to 2 weeks extra.

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