Draft Vented Sport Boots

$99.95 $92.95

Our Tough1® Extreme Vented Sport Boots provide 360 degrees of maximum protection. These boots feature a suspensory sling strap that provides flexible fetlock and tendon support without restricting movement or inhibiting performance. The vented (perforated) inner and outer layers allow heat to escape while keeping dirt and debris out. They're made complete with super tough "Quick Grip" closures for a secure fit every ride. Black only.

Sold set of 4

Front:  Boot height 12" with 14" circumference.

Back:  Boot height 13" with 15" circumference.


Care and Washing Instructions:

Dirt and debris should be removed after each use to ensure product performs as designed. Hand washing wusin coll water and mild soap. Rinse until all soap in removed and allow to air dry. 


Ointments or fly sprays should not be applied to the area that will be covered by the Tough -1 boots.

Tough - 1 sport boots are not intended to be used as standing boots. They are not intended to be used for long periods of time. They should be removed periodically to allow legs to cool.