Braiding Manes & Tails Instruction Book 67699

SKU: 67699
Show off your horse's good looks!!

Braiding is the final touch that gives your horse a polished, well turned out appearance.  When its not show day, braiding can preserve a mane or full tail or just provide a fun, calming activity for the horse and owner. 

Learn to braid like the old masters and impress your judge with a great groomed horse or team.  This book is a great step by step guide that shows you in steps how to roll a mane and do your own tails for the show ring. It also shows you over 30 basic braids for manes and tails.

Have a show coming up and not sure what you are going to do about your mane and tails, then this may be your answer! 

Braiding manes and tails is a hard bound spiraled 151 page easy to follow tool that every tack box should have. 

We also carry this book with us at all our shows that are upcoming this season. Look for it on our rosette and mane roll display.