Slow Twist Eggbutt 1062


  • Twisted – Twisted mouthpieces can be mullen mouthed or jointed and are considered to be amongst the most severe of mouthpieces although the number of turns or twists will determine the severity. A slow twist has few turns and is the least severe with a fast twist being the harsher.
  • D-ring – So called because of the D shaped rings that the reins attach to, like the eggbutt, this bit is very gentle and unlikely to pinch. Some people prefer the styling of the D-ring.

Eggbutt slow twisted bar bit.  Good for driving or riding.

All stainless steel. 

This Bit is available in  6", 6.5".  Choose bit size you need from the pull down above, prices are also shown there.

Prices are subject to change with out notice