Butterfly Driving Bits

These bits are excellent driving or riding bits for any horse and in most situations.

They come in many different size mouth pieces. 

The 3 loop cheeks give you 3 different levels of servitors, the top loop is the least severe and the bottom gives you the most control.

The stainless steel curb chain and hooks are standard.  The curb chain aides in stopping control. 

The standard size for most drafts is the 6" with the 6.5" bit being for the 2000 lbs and over drafts. The 5" and 5.5" bits are for the young draft or Haflinger horse and most come in a 2 loop cheek and not a 3 loop check.  

All the bits are stainless steel.

Low port with copper inserts. 1077  The low port helps in tongue relief.  These mouthpieces have an upward curve (or inverted U shape) in the middle that reduces the pressure on the horse’s tongue, this means that the horse isn’t able to use his tongue to lessen the effect of the bit. The port comes in a range of styles and can be low (less than 1 inch), medium (1 to 2 inches), or high (2 inches and above).


Mullen Mouth – The mullen mouth is a single bar mouthpiece that is thought to be kinder than jointed mouthpieces because there’s no pinching at all. A mullen mouth can be made of any number of materials but high tech plastic or vulcanized rubber are by far the most common.

French link snaffle 1076  .The French link has a peanut-shaped center link.



 7" wide. Out of stock.