Spike Tooth Harrow

Designed for leveling, weeding and seedbed preparation.
High quality materials and craftsmanship ensure years of performance.

Available in 5'  Section up to 15' Wide
35 Teeth per 5' section, 
Spikes are Diamond Shaped, hardened with reinforced shoulder and stay sharp longer.
Open end construction that helps prevent clogging, eliminates overriding and allows complete flexibility.
Easy to use lever assembly to set depth for various conditions.
Tubular Frame rigid enough to hold the teeth in position, flexible enough to follow uneven terrain.
Steel Drawbars have a chain pull to eliminate bent rods
Draw hooks are designed to stay hooked even when trailed over the roughest ground.

Prices subject to change without notice. Because of the steel market.

Update 07/12/2021 Pioneer has a 23% surcharge added to the total of your order.