Pioneer Work Sled

The Work sled comes with the steel tongue and bolt on dash. Order other Accessories: Bench seat, Sled sideboards or Single horse shafts (include hold back straps. : Work sled with poly dash board, side boards, Raised tongue and expanded metal floor. Swivel attachment for tongue or shafts.

The ideal choice for all-purpose light hauling around the farm or homestead.  Use it to haul firewood, supplies, produce, etc.  Works great for breaking colts or exercising those horses and mules with surplus energy.  Load it down as needed and put them to work.

Excellent for use in snow, but also works well on bare ground.  Large all-steel runners float over ruts and rough terrain for excellent stability.  High clearance lets you go anywhere. Choice of tongue or shafts offers good control and versatility.  

The PIONEER work sled features a 34 inch high weatherproof dashboard with line holder, 12 inch high sideboards and end gate, all of which easily lift out for your convenience.  Dash and sideboards are poly.  Floor is expanded metal which will allows outside storage. All steel frame. 
Bed size is 4 foot wide by 7 foot long.

Prices subject to change anytime due to steel prices !

Prices above are cash or check payments. If using credit card or paypal add 4% to the total.

Shipping will have to be e-mailed to you as the sled has to be shipped Truck Freight. This can take 2 to 3 days to get the quote from the trucking company.