Pioneer Sulky Plow

Quality materials and PIONEER workmanship, combined with solid, all-steel construction throughout, means true value, economy, and offers rugged dependability and trouble-free service in the field year after year.

Designed and built for performance and reliability, the PIONEER Sulky Plow will do an excellent job of plowing in any kind of soil under most conditions.  It will plow level and at a uniform depth at all times. 

PIONEER offers some unique features in an animal-drawn sulky plow; such as a safety bolt that shears if the bottom hits a solid object, such as a rock or roots, which eliminates a bent or twisted beam, broken evener or torn harness.  This plow also comes equipped with a foot operated lever to assist in lifting of the plow. 

All levers and controls are easily reached from the large, comfortable spring mounted seat. Width and depth are widely adjustable.  Features more beam to bottom clearance for better trash flow.  A full-width coverboard provides excellent trash and cover crop covering.

With three sizes to choose from...its many unique features...a wide range of adjustments...numerous available options...The PIONEER sulky plow offers the horse and mule farmer more choices.  Allows you to own a plow customized to fit your application. 

Plow in Picture: Shown with optional Coulter. All prices subject to change and FOB Dalton OH.


  • Sizes:: 14 inch, - available in RH or LH
  • Moldboard:: Oliver, or Keystone 
  • Shares:: Steel, economical and readily available
  • Landside and Heel:: long landside and heel provide excellent hillside stability
  • Shin:: replaceable hardened shin piece
  • Coverboard:: replaceable - provides better trash coverage
  • Beam:: 2- piece reinforced medium carbon steel
  • Axles:: precision machined medium carbon steel
  • Wheel Hubs:: 4 bolt with tapered roller bearings
  • Furrow Wheel:: solid web type construction
  • Land Wheel:: heavy duty spoke type
  • Hitch:: horizontal adjustment for 2, 3 or 4 horse teams, vertical adjustment for any size horse 
  • Length:: 80 inches overall
  • Width:: 52 inches overall
  • Height:: 37 inches minimum

Coulter- Designed for use on sulky and gang plows.  Freely cuts field residue for cleaner furrows and better trash coverage.  Features a 17 inch fluted blade, fully adjustable swivel stem and 4-bolt tapered roller bearing hub.
Coulter or Jointer Clamp- Bolts directly to plow beam.  Securely clamps coulter or jointer in desired position, yet allows easy adjustment.  Universal design easily adapts to any plow.
Spring Lift- Install this spring lift on your PIONEER sulky plow to assist when lifting plow out of the ground.  Fully adjustable universal design works on RH or LH models.  Mounting hardware is included.
Spring Hitch- Designed for use on any single bottom plow.  Acts as a shock absorber and eases the strain on horses in rock soils.
Tongue Adapter- Bolts directly to the plow.  Allows better control in hill conditions.  Use your own tongue or use our plow tongue with neck yoke.  Fully adjustable design allows for use on RH or LH plows.  Mounting hardware is included.
4-Horse Plow Equalizer- Designed to eliminate side draft on single bottom plows when using 4-abreast with no horse on plowed ground.  Works on RH or LH models.  Available with or without double trees.
Landside Wheel- Replaces the long landside and heel on sulky plow.  Features a cast iron wheel and tapered roller bearings.  Available in RH or LH.  Mounting brackets, offset landside and hardware included.


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