Pioneer Gang Mower

With the price of gas going up , let your horse pay for some of his feed. The Gang Mower is designed to make short work of larger yards, yet is agile enough to manuever in small yards and tight quarters.
Footpedal steering provides maximum control around trees and landscaping.

Mower comes with Seat, Reels, and Haflinger / Horse size Shafts and holdback straps. 

- Wheels behind mower prevents driving over unmowed grass
- Floating Design on all reels
-- Adjustable for large or small horses
- Cutting width 48" to 56" with the reels 21" wide;

CL Clipper Reel
-  Made in USA
- Hardened and Tempered Blades for Long Life
- Heavy Duty Drive Mechanism
 - Adjustable bed knife 
Option: Steel or semi - pneumatic wheels. 16"