Spring Tooth Harrow

Spring Tooth Harrow is ideal for seedbed preparation and weed killing, it is built for trouble-free performance and reliability.

Crumbler: Save time in the field by completing two steps in one pass with the new Pioneer Crumbler in conjunction with the Spring Tooth Harrow. The 17" rollers will easily crumble the clods as you till the ground. Each roller rotates individually, preventing drag when turning.

Harrow Cart: Features large wheels for a smoother ride and attaches easily to any Pioneer Harrow. Overall width, outside of wheels 35"

Harrow specifications:
Size: Available in 4' and 8' sections up to 16' wide
Spring Teeth: 8 teeth per 3' section, 11 teeth per 4' section. Heat treated and tempered
Tooth Clamps: Bolt on clamps for secure tooth position and easy spacing
Lever Assembly:Easy to use lever to set depth for various conditions
Runners:Extra wide heat treated swiveling runners insure good flotation and easy turning
Raker Bar: Heat treated bars break up clods and eliminate ridging
Crumblers:Top quality greaseless bushings

4' will be one section
8' will be two sections
12' will be in three.

We carry many different parts for the spring tooth harrow. Call for information and prices.