Draft Size Splint Boot Pair (2)

SKU: 40401
The splint boots are designed to absorb hoof concussion and shock.
The patented shock absorption tubes (US. Patent No.5.307.521) provide exceptional protection while allowing the boot to easily contour the horse's leg.
The stay-put interior cushion stays snug and resists slipping out of place.
The boots gently cradle tendons and ligaments.
It has three velcro closures.

Comes in black only

Sold in Pairs 

Made by the Davis Co. in the USA.

New Improved Splint Boots

Clean, Easy Glide Outside Shell. No more exterior tubes to restrict or interfere with movement or performance.

Supreme high density closed cell foam cushioning making the boot light weight, yet durable and flexible, even when wet.

Inside Shock absorbing lateral support tube delivering maximum protection to the splint and cannon bones, the sesamoid, the tendons and soft tissue area.

Consistent easy to clean outside shell providing "rise and wear" low maintenance quality consistent with DAVIS products.

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