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Pioneer Forecart
Pioneer Forecart

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All forecarts are picked up at our shop in Utica, OH or shipped by truck freight.  Please call or e-mail for shipping quote (shipping is not figured on our order form for truck freight).  ALL FORECARTS ARE SHIPPED DISASSEMBLED.

Proven by many years of on-the-farm performance, the popular PIONEER forecart offers dependable trouble-free service on the road and in the field.  Quality materials and workmanship throughout, combined with a simple, well-balanced design means true value and economy.  Originally designed and built for horse farmers the PIONEER cart has evolved into an important tool for all horse and mule owners.  Whether you horse-farm, breed, train, or just want to exercise your horses, mules, or ponies, these versatile PIONEER carts will fit your application.


Versatility: Proven performance on the farm. Ideal for use as a breaking or training car; or use it for pleasure driving. Perfect for exercising those young energetic colts. Readily adapts for either single horse or team use.

Adjustments: A wide range of adjustments allows using any size horse. Whether you own large draft horses, mules, Haflingers or ponies, this cart can meet your needs.
Options: A large variety of options to choose from. Allows you to custom build a cart to fit your application.

Wheel Hubs: Heavy-duty load rated spindles. Sealed tapered roller bearings. Standard cart has 4-bolt hubs.

Floorboards: Non-slip expanded metal for more safety. Does not accumulate mud and dirt.

Rear Draw bar: Extra wide with multiple holes adapts to a wide range of implements.

Hitch: Horizontal adjustment for various hitches. Readily adjusts for 2, 3, or 4 horses abreast. Swings out of the way when using the shafts.

Tread Width: 54" tread width provides good stability even with heavy loads. Draft size.

Standard Cart Draft Size:
By far our most popular model. Choose this cart for general farm work, training, exercising and all around driving. (The cart above is shown with bench seat, cargo tray which are both options options, also a guard on the front keeping you from falling forward on the tongue or into the horses and can keep you from getting kicked and also serves as a foot rest (comes standard with all forcarts). The photo above also is shown with fenders that are also an option. We highly recommend the fenders when ordering your cart with a bench seat.  All carts are shipped with 15" used tires.

The New Haflinger/Quarter Horse size:
This down-sized version of the pioneer draft forecart is designed and made especially for the smaller breeds such as the Haflinger, Fjords or Quarter horse size. It comes with all the same features and adjustments offered on our larger forecarts. A full range of options and accessories to choose from allows you to build a cart to fit your applications. Tread width 46" (center-to center on wheels). All forecarts come standard with a front guard.

New Pony size
This is the smallest version of the Pioneer forecart. It is designed and especially made for the pony size horse. It also comes with all the same features and adjustments found on our larger forecarts. All forecarts come standard with a front guard.

More about the options available:
-Bolt on guard for teamster protection. Also serves as a foot rest and line holder. Readily mounts on other implements as well. All forecarts come standard with a front guard. Haflinger size is 4" lower.
Seat bracket only-Spring mounted seat bracket swivel a full 360 degrees...locks in position. Seat bracket mount in any of three positions or mount two seats side-by-side for pleasure driving.
Bench seat-The perfect choice for pleasure driving. Ideal when taking along student teamsters. Leaf springs provide comfort and a smooth ride. The vinyl bench seat is a full 44 inches wide. Complete with springs and mounting bracket. Cushions optional.
Cushion Set-For added comfort and that classic look, this two-piece set includes seat and back cushion for a bench seat.
Mechanical Brakes-Economical and effective foot operated braking system. Easy to adjust and relatively maintenance free. Foot pedal locks in position for parking or load holding.
Hydraulic Brakes-Commercial trailer type brakes have excellent load holding capacity and are adjustable. Foot pedal operated.  AVAILABLE ONLY ON HEAVY DUTY FORECART
Tongue- Painted hardwood tongue for team driving. Mount in any one of three positions. May be offset either right or left of center for special applications.
Tongue Cap-Required when using a slip ring neck yoke. Bolts to front end of tongue. Bolts included.
Shafts-For single horse driving. Shafts are easy to install or detach using only two bolts. Singletree is included. All steel construction.
Fenders-We recommend this option when using the bench seat. Bolts directly to the cart frame. Includes floorboard extensions and covers wheels for teamster safety. All mounting hardware included.
Rims/Tires- 15" rims mounted with good used tires.
Engine Mount-Allows mounting a small engine for PTO power. Engine mounting brackets installed for a motor platform. Draw bar and hitch are offset6" for more operator space. Includes extendable draw bar. Available on heavy-duty carts only.Call for price.
Hillside Steering-Mostly used for row crop work on hillsides. Allows operator to steer wheels either right or left. Hand lever operation. Available on heavy-duty carts only. Call for price.
Sun Shade - Provides added comfort & protection from the sun when driving on warm summer days. Easily mounts on any draft forecart with bench seat.  Photo is shown below. This can be ordered from the pull downs above.

2 HORSE WOODEN EVENER'S (Double Tree) for Mini, Pony, Haflinger, Draft:

Made from top quality Ash or Hickory. These eveners are made by some of the best Amish craftsmen in Ohio. The 2" x 5" (Haflinger and Draft size) evener bar is made of Ash; and single trees are made of Hickory.
Sizes available:
Mini 32" x 22" single trees
Pony 34" x 34""
Haflinger 36" x 26" "
Haflinger 38" x 26" "
Small Draft 40" x 28" "
Reg. Draft 42" x30""
Large Draft 44" x 32" "
XL Draft 48" x 34" "
XXL Draft 50" x 36" "
Wooden Neck Yokes:
We have two types of wooden neck yokes: #1 (my choice for safety reasons) is the bolt on style. It bolts directly onto your wagon or mower tongue, so no chance of slipping off. The #2 type is the ring style. It slips over the end of the tongue. Easy to change from one tongue to another. Made from top quality Ash wood and put together by professional Amish craftsmenin Ohio. You should match the neck yoke size with the size of your double tree.
28"Mini horse size
32" Pony
34" Pony
36" Haflinger - Quarter Horse
38" Draft
40" Draft
42" Draft
44" Draft
48" Draft

SOME TIPS: The guard is a must for the safety. This could help from falling into the back of the horses or even from getting kicked! When ordering a bench be sure and order the fenders. The fenders can also be a big help in safety. This will help from not stepping between the tire and the cart. Safety is our main concern.

We do ship world wide! Please call or e-mail for current shipping costs

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